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Yantai Chateau Changyu-Castel Cabernet Gernischt Dry Red Wine (Premium Wines)

●The first professional vineyard meeting the international “3S” standards in China
●Norbert Buchonnet, a senior brewmaster in Bordeaux, holds the post of chief enologist
●Praised by Jack Welch, the first CEO in the world
●A pioneer of personalized service for whole barrel ordering

  • Grape varieties: Cabernet Gernischt
  • Alcohol content: 12%v/v
  • Color: Dark ruby red, clear and glossy
  • Bouquet: The elegant and pleasant aroma contains the typical red berry aroma such as cherry matching with such aromas as blackcurrant, raspberry, pepper and mushroom as well as harmonious mellow fragrance and
  • taste: Mellow and full taste, delicate and fine tannin, balanced body and typical style
  • Optimal Drinking Temperature: 16-18℃
  • Storage Period: Eight years
Produced in Vineyard Wine-making Process and Techniques Food Pairing

Located in Beiyujia, YEDA,JiaodongPeninsula inShandong,adjacentto No. 206 National Highway on the south and off the coast of the Bohai Sea, there is typical coastal vineyard of Jiaodong Peninsulameeting the principle of 3S (sea, sand and sun) for a chateau concerning the geographic position and climatic conditions, which is a traditional high-quality wine production area in China.
      Climatic Features:
   Although the climate type is warmtemperate humid monsoon climate, the climate is moderate withouthot summer and chilly winteraffected by the sea, whichfacilitatestheformingofcolorand flavor of grape. The annual average temperature is 12.3℃, the annual average precipitation is 676.6mm, theannualsunshine duration is 2834h,theannual active accumulated temperatureis4656℃,the effective accumulated temperature in the grape growing season (from April to September) is 1625℃, andthe frost-free season lasts for216daysin a year. Theexcellentnatural conditions guarantee the wine grape fully matured with elegant and gentle aroma and soft tannins.
     Soil Features:
The slightly acid gravel sand soil is verysuitable for the growing of grapes withstrong air permeability, providing a good environment for the growing of the grape root. The grape extends its roots to the depth of3meters,ensuringthe grapeto fully draw trace mineralnutrientsfrom the deep soil.

1) Grape Varieties:The main planting varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, etc.

2) Planting Year: 2002

3)Planting Features:
The grapevines are planted by its own roots with spacing between rows of 1.5m×2.0m, which adopts thetrellis and single-vine one-sidedistributionformiddle andshort tip trim;
Grass grow in rows of the vineyard naturally to adjustthemicroenvironment of thevineyardand control the soilmoisturecontent;
The biological organic fertilizer is applied to increase the soil fertility and improve the microbial flora diversity of the root soil of the grapes;
Manual fruit thinning controls the yield tobelow 500kg per mu;
The grape fruiting zone is distributed 80-100m above the ground.
4) Grape Features:
●Thesugar contentof thered variety is 21°and that of the white varietyis20.5°;
●The berry color of the red variety is murrey, and that of the white variety is yellow agate.With healthy, fresh, plump, evenly matured, well and uniformly colored fruits, the grapevines have loose cluster and small fruit;

●Only the fully matured grape berries are picked and selected manually. Classification and processing are conducted according to the fruit quality;

●Itis dipped insmall stainless steelfermentation tanks withspecialyeastforfermentationundertemperature control for10-15days;

●It is aged in the French moderately-toasted finegrained oak barrels for more than 12 months; 

●The mixing and blending period is more than 6 months and the bottle storage period is more than 12 months.

This wine is Optimal to be drunk at 16-18℃ with such Chinese partners as Sichuan cuisine, roasted duck, sauted meat, grilled chicken,lentinus edodes, ham and sauced food and such western partners as cheese, ham, eggs, steak, mutton chop and poultry.