Changyu Industrial Park In Photographs

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Changyu Industrial Park(ChangyuInternational Wine City) project located in YEDA, since its full start in 2013, has been under tense construction. At present, the Park has taken shape, in which the subprojects like tank field, plant area, research institute, Wine Chateau Tinlot, Brandy Chateau Koyac have been capped and start interior and exterior finishing and thousands of mus of vineyard and park begins to take shape in greening. We almost could see the magnificent scene of busy orderly modernized massive industry production with heavy traffic when the Park is fully operational.     

This shows two chateaux in snow shot on the top of the research institute; just like two castles in fairy tale, it has an unspeakable feeling.

This is the peak of the Industrial Park - Grape and Wine Research Institute, on the top of which the scene of the whole Park is in full view.

This is Wine Chateau Tinlot with external wall finishing basically completed; taking every Grand Cru Classe inFranceas example, it is positioned to produce high-end investment grade wines in the future. Now it is in late winter and early spring, the scene around is dull and the water in the reservoir beside the Chateau has been pumped out for execution of engineering construction. After completion in the future, with full reservoir and surrounding mountains embraced by grapes, the scenery surely will be extremely beautiful.    

This is the production center large plant with greatest momentum, largest dimension and most investment in the Industrial Park. This photo is shot from a relatively high hillside, however, due to the large dimension, its full view can not be taken.

Stand on the hillside and overlook, the alcohol tank field harmoniously coexists with the distant buildings to form the picture of modern city.

First domestic professional brandy chateau with unique feeling - Brandy Chateau Koyac.

This is the large plant shot from the top of research institute; the full view of the large plant can be basically fully shown. From front to back is front brewing workshop, back brewing workshop, freezing workshop, bottling workshop and 3D storehouse. Those in the middle with partial curtain walls installed and bright color are back brewing workshop and freezing workshop. The whole engineering is on such a gigantic scale, with the total floor area equivalent to nearly 40 standard football fields, that the future visit tour needs to adopt the form of encircling of puddle jumper. Standing on the site, we can feel its splendor and great momentum. 

This is the scene of the Park shot from the top of the research institute: thousands of mu of vineyard is neatly rowed. In summer, standing on the top of the research institute and looking around, in the green vineyard covering the hillside, the lanes wind with two chateaux dotted. The soaring research institute and the magnificent large plant echo each other at a distance; at that time, the Industrial Park will be more pleasant and beautiful.