Why is cork used for bottle plug of wine?

Date: 2014-01-21 From: 管理员 Print Font size: LargeMediumSmall

Superior cork is soft and elastic and springs back to seal the bottleneck after being squeezed into bottleneck by pressure. The cork will be expanded after contact with the wine and tightens the interspace of the bottleneck further so as to prevent wine leakage. Owing to many small exquisite holes on the cork, only very small amount of air is allowed to gradually enter the bottle and the wine contacts with micro-air for fulfillment of breathing and development, which can facilitate the slow maturity of wine, make the wine mellower and prolong the life of wine. In addition, cork is endowed with such functions as heat insulation and bacteria isolation to protect the wine. Cork ingredient steeping in wine will enhance the texture of wine.