How is Changyu Grand Cellar built?

Date: 2014-01-21 From: 管理员 Print Font size: LargeMediumSmall

It is less than a hundred meters to the sea from Changyu Grand Cellar which is built on the sandy soil. In the first construction, itcollapseddue to water seepage; in the second construction by steel, it also failed because of corrosion of steel parts caused by the underground moisture together withthecontinuousrainstorm and flood infusing; and in the third time, by adopting a method with combination of Chinese and western elements, the top is arched by the traditionally baked big blue bricks in China, the wall is built by big blue stones with the imported cement filling up the wall crack and daubing the surface to make the cellar bodyextremelyfirm, and the inside and outside of the cellar body has masterly hidden drainage system to ensure the cellar without seepage or leakage. It is well kept so far, being a miracle in the architectural history in the world.