Why is a comprehensive quality grading system established?

Date: 2014-01-21 From: 管理员 Print Font size: LargeMediumSmall

Grapes contribute the most to the superior quality of wines, followed by techniques. The fine quality of wines is the result of comprehensive influence of many factors, from vine-growing to ex-factory of finished product. Quality difference of wine products is gradually formed from the process of raw materials to production. Both congenital factor and acquired disposition have effect on the quality of wine products. Grape variety, ecological conditions of grape (including climate, soil and micro-ecology) as well as grape growing and management technologies are the major congenital factor determining the raw material difference, while acquired disposition influencing wine quality rests with production conditions, brewing techniques, ageing mode and technological level. Hence, classification of wine only by production year, producing area or other standards generates partial and single result and is difficult to comprehensively reflect the quality of wines. In order to gear to international standards and objectively and accurately reflect the quality of wines, by focusing on the whole process of wine quality difference formation, Changyu has established a more overall, mature and improved comprehensive quality grading system, which is a more scientific and objective method for wine quality grading.