Why does Sun Yat-sen inscribe for Changyu?

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OnAugust 18, 1912,at the invitation ofYuanshi Kai for official business in Beijing, Sun Yat-sen proceeded northward by ship from Shanghai through Yantai for a whistle stop, and hestayed inYantai Hill Xiabei Hotel(namely the laterKlitonHotel)on August 20. In thewelcome receptionheld by all circles of Yantai, Sun Yat-sen delivered the famous revolution and industrial patriotic speech, who made the followingcomplimentabout Changyu:“The failure of Chinese business is not onlyembodiedin Yantai. All trading ports with industry drain are the same.The most urgent taskof a thriving business shall begin from the manufacturing industry. For example, Changyu Company in Yantai shall establish a bigdistilleryto produce wine. This business isn’t second to big plants in France, which will surely make a profit in the future, so is the glass company. Mr. Zhang is committed to this great cause by himself, which is aprogressof China’s manufacturing industry.”OnAugust 21, Mr. Sun Yat-sen visited and surveyed Changyu Company. During the reception period, he tasted wine and brandy aged in the cellar with interest and nodded his head to show his commendation. Considering his love for national industry and commendation for Zhang Bishi’s ambitionto“vitalize his motherland by industry”, in addition, thanking to Zhang Bishi’s contribution to the revolution, Sun Yat-seninscribed four characters of“Pin Zhong Li Quan”to Changyu Company to praise Mr. Zhang Bishi’slofty charactertovitalize his motherland by industryand save his motherland by business as well as the excellent quality of Changyu’s products.