How does “Cabernet” get the name?

Date: 2014-01-21 From: 管理员 Print Font size: LargeMediumSmall

What is the origin of “Cabernet”? According to recollection of Zhang Guangquan, the grandson of Zhang Zhijun, in early 1930s, then manager-Zhang Zhuyan, once named a wine as “Cabernet”, meaning “relieving of all sorts of bewilderment”. Later, Mr. Xu Wangzhi, by organizing men of letters, established the brand of “Cabernet” after the Changyu Company was taken over by the Bank of China in pursuit of the business philosophy of recruiting more talents and working together, implying the meaning that “all rivers run into sea”. The exquisite and ingenious implied meaning has remained a pride for Changyu personnel. The article “Analysis on Changyu Wine and Comparison of Wines in Other Countries” in Brewing Magazinepublished in 1939 recorded the recipe, matching and correlated indexes of Changyu Cabernet, and it is the evidence that the dry red wine produced by Changyu Company embraced the brand of “Cabernet” which is the very first dry red wine inChina. Cabernet, as the very first dry red wine inChina, enjoys Changyu proprietary intellectual property rights. In addition, theBrewing Magazinealso relatedChina’s first dry white wine---Riesling Dry White Wine initiated by Changyu. In 1936, “Cabernet” was applied for trademark registration and was officially approved on June 28, 1937; in 1959, trademark registration was applied to the Trademark Office of the State and was put on record. In the 25thBrussels Selection of World’s Quality Products in 1987, Changyu Cabernet won a gold award for its quality; in 1988, Changyu was awarded the honor of “High Quality Product in Shandong Province”; in 2001, Changyu was honored as the “Chinese Famous Wine Brand with Fine Quality”; in February, 2002, Changyu was granted the trademark registration certificate issued by the Trademark Office of the State. In the same year, Changyu underwent lawsuits with such enterprises as COFCO, Dynasty and Veyron for “Cabernet” of Changyu. In 2011, the Supreme People’s Court made an absolute decree that the trademark of “Cabernet” was reserved by Changyu.

In summary, “Cabernet” is indeed one of the wine brands of Changyu.