Why are oak barrels subject to baking?

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Barrel baking is generally classified into four intensities, including mild baking, moderate baking, reinforced moderate baking and high-intensity baking. Baking of barrels include two processes, i.e. broiling and roasting. The so-called broiling refers to that when the oak barrels are shaped and before side plates are covered, set fire to the internal oak barrels and the roaring flames in several meters high rushing out of the barrels give rise to one layer of charcoal inside the barrels. Such a process endows the vintage wine in barrels deeper color and heavily smoky flavor. The so-called roasting refers to that by making use of such heating method as infrared ray, heat gradually penetrates into the internal cellular elements of barrels. In such a process, thick charcoal layer can not be formed on the barrel surface, roasting can bestow cream caramel and flavor of vanilla on vintage wine in barrels. The baking of barrels is to facilitate harmonious integration of vintage wine in barrels with smell from barrels so as to boost wine fragrance, create fine and smooth flavor with special traits.