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Precious Idiosyncratic Healthcare Wine

Precious Idiosyncratic Healthcare Wine contains many kinds of rare traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as fur seal penis, deer penis, jackal penis, ginseng and pilose antler. In 2005, it won the title of national secret technology jointly granted by the Ministry of Science & Technology and the National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets, which has been exported to Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and has been popular for 45 years abroad.

  • The main raw material: Fur seal penis, deer penis, jackal penis, ginseng, pilose antler, gecko, polygonum multiflorum, cinnamon, mantis egg-case, medlar, radix rehmanniae root, prepared rehmanniae root, angelica, poria coc
  • Alcohol content: 37%vol
  • Color: Bronzing
  • taste: Full-bodied bouquet, appropriate sweet and fragrance, durable aftertaste and unique flavor
  • Shelf Life: 36 months
  • Health functions: Antioxidant